Analysis of current operations regarding BCTN’s barges

Venturn organises and facilitates many exciting projects in ports all over the world. In this month’s Voice, we shed some light on one of our projects at BCTN. With special thanks to Venturn consultant Thom Duijn for sharing his experience at the company. 

BCTN has been active on Dutch and Belgian inland waterways since 1987 and currently is the biggest inland terminal organization in the Netherlands. They transport containers from their terminals to the different ports as well as transporting containers by truck. Thom Duijn, consultant for Venturn, works for the terminal in Den Bosch as Sr. Logistics Engineer. His role is to analyse the current operations of BCTN’s barges. His analysis will be utilized as recommendations for BCTN to implement.

However, before it even comes to that a lot of research and analysis needs to be done. With the data that Thom receives from data specialists and by talking to different people within the organisation as well as via occasional brainstorm sessions with Venturn, he is able to take the different factors influencing the efficiency of these ships into consideration.


He will therefore have to take into account several factors such as the effect of high and low tides, the weight of containers, the height of the bridges along the sea water routes and many more factors that can determine how many containers can be fitted on a ship. In addition, it is also important to factor in the different circumstances around sailing to the terminals. For example, most boats can moor in Rotterdam, but the lock in Den Bosch is not large enough for all types of ships. Time is of influence as well. The Barge Planners for instance will have to make sure the containers get delivered on time and they will have to adjust this planning according to when the containers are ready to be picked up again.

All-in-all a lot of parameters to think of. Luckily Thom really enjoys his role and thinks the maritime sector is a very interesting one to work in.



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