Captain of Sales 2019

Venturn is a proud supporter of the KNRM (Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Organisation), who organise the Captain of Sales event every year. During this day, different teams compete against each other to raise money for the KNRM. This year, Venturn was represented by two teams and they certainly made us proud: together, they raised over €5000 during the event! Our jobstudent Gianni shared some more details on what the day looked like.

Early Friday morning our ‘Search’ team travelled to Noordwijk aan Zee, stuffed in our beloved Fiat 500. Upon arrival at the Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin, we were warmly welcomed by actress & TV presenter Marit van Bohemen. Afterwards, Nico van der Wijk reminded us of the noble work the KNRM conducts every day, through a thrilling account of his encounter with the KNRM, and how they saved his life. With this in mind, Olivier and I set out to deliver our best efforts on the day to raise as much money as possible.

During a variety of challenges, including memory, battleship and catapult golf (yes really), Olivier and I only managed to raise €115 in these challenges despite excellent team chemistry. Even worse, on two occasions we were bested by the dynamic duo: Laura and Bart, though we could call this tactically ensuring that Venturn in its entirety raised as much money as possible. At last, our moment to shine came during the Dragon’s Den, where we had the opportunity to pitch our vision on how Venturn could help the KNRM on top of our annual financial contribution. During the pitch, I was able to convince the dragons of the potential that lies in our Young Professionals programme, of which I hope to be part in the future. Through our programme, we can spread awareness of the importance of the KNRM throughout upper management. Additionally, we could make first aid at sea a compulsory part of our Young Professionals programme, so our graduates are able to deliver aid at a moment’s notice. This boosted our earnings of the day with €880!

For Bart and Laura the day ended on a high, earning an additional €1250 during the last hour of the event, being awarded the best pitch and the team with the 2nd most points gathered during the challenges. This achievement and the overall success of the day was celebrated with a few drinks after the event, where we had the opportunity to have a chat with our competition during the day.


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