Critical need for development of technical expertise in personnel

Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management) presented the Maritime Monitor 2017, on the 13th of November at the Maritime Awards Gala. The monitor shows that the maritime sector is showing a slight recovery compared to 2016, the year that the sector did not show any economic growth.

Photo taken by Rogier Bos

One of the aspects that is emphasized in the report is that although the sector already provides employment for around 260.000 people, employment seems to be under pressure of increasing demand for general, yet highly skilled, technical staff; skills also required in other economic sectors. As the required knowledge and skills are rapidly changing due to new technology (such as robotization, digitization and the internet of things), then further training and development of expertise of current personnel, with a focus on the future, is critical.


Venturn tries to fulfil this need of technical skilled staff by offering a wide variety of different training programs, one of which is our VDS Programme. The VDS Programme is completely tailored to the implementation of data science in the maritime logistics industry and aims to help experts in this field develop and professionalize their data skills. The VDS programme has been renewed for January 2018.

The unique programme features 20 hands-on course days delivered over six months enabling attendees to generate business value after each module with cutting edge, yet practical concepts, ideas, and tools with which to build and strengthen data programmes in their own working environments.

The six-month programme delivered on a part-time basis includes an initial five-day crash course followed by in-depth training modules. Subjects that are taught are machine learning, visualization, optimisation, reporting and the use of relational database management systems for these methods. The programme also offers inspirational workshops, team building projects and field trips.

For more information check out our VDS flyer and programme details.

Take a look here on our training and development page for an overview of what we offer.


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