What’s so Good about Interim?

June 2017


What’s so Good about Interim?


Interim Professionals play an important role in many companies with so many businesses now incorporating interim solutions into their recruitment strategies.

Over the past 10 years we have placed talented Interim Consultants with various types of companies across the maritime and logistics sector such as terminals, shipping lines and logistics companies.

Roles include:

• HR

• Communication

• Training


• Supply/Demand Planning

• Project Management

• Site Management

• Senior Management and Managing Director positions.

We take on the management and administration of maritime and logistics projects with highly specialised and professional experts in planning, scheduling, and controlling, for long-term projects or interim management. Contact the team to hear more about how our Interim Management solutions can bring immediate results to your business.

Why are companies becoming so keen to tap into the flexible labour market and what advantages can hiring Interim Professionals offer?

  • Creating the right dynamic mix of permanent employees and highly skilled Interim Professionals allows businesses the ability to increase or decrease staffing numbers based on current demands.
  • Interim Professionals offer flexibility for businesses as they bring in the right skills at the right time and for as long as needed.
  • Instead of taking weeks or months, companies can bring in Interim professionals quickly, getting them up to speed within days.
  • Specific skills can be brought in to deliver specific projects that otherwise may have been put on hold.
  • Our Interim Professionals keep up-to-date on current best practice standards and are able to apply their learnings from previous projects


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