Developing the commercial strategy for the Port of Sohar

Venturn organises and facilitates many exciting projects in ports all over the world. In this article, we shed some light on one of our projects for the port authority of the Port of Sohar, also known as the Sohar Industrial Port Company (SIPC). Special thanks to Venturn consultant Martijn Bekke for sharing his experiences in the Middle-East.

Since 2004, when the first ship docked on its quay, the Port of Sohar has come a long way. With its current strong petrochemical, metal and logistics clusters it has become a port to be reckoned with in the Middle-Eastern region. In order to maintain and even strengthen this position, the Sohar 2040 Vision was developed. Venturn consultant Martijn Bekke was tasked with developing the commercial strategy for the period 2019 – 2021.

When asked about his role in Sohar, Martijn says the following: ‘Before actually writing the commercial strategy, I did a lot of research. I analysed available internal and external data and conducted interviews with the important stakeholders of the port. I also looked at industry trends and developments and how the Port of Sohar compares to other ports in the Middle-East. This way I could identity new target markets and sectors and then develop the commercial strategy’.

Despite being a 7-hour flight away from the office in Rotterdam, help from Venturn was never far away. Martijn: ‘It was very helpful that Venturn colleagues were always available to share best practices and ideas for improvement.’

Circumstances in Oman made the assignment challenging at times. Next to cultural differences, the high temperatures in the summer months were quite a challenge. ‘I had never really experienced such heat before’, Martijn explains. However, this did not stop him from going out frequently to explore the country: ‘Oman is a beautiful country which I really enjoyed to explore during the weekends and holidays. It also made me realize that it is important to have fun and enjoy such an experience while it lasts, because before you know it, it’s over!’ 

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