Europort 2017 HR Masterclass

What should we do to keep moving forward and stay ahead? Two weeks ago, our very own Patrick van de Ven set out to inspire other professionals at the 2017 Europort Convention. Weren’t able to attend? Check out his vision on how to help employees of all ages excel below!

Big data is booming; more and more maritime companies are realizing that innovating in data science is unavoidable. At the same time, the maritime sector is facing data talent shortages. Simply collecting and storing information is not enough; we need analysts to make sense of all this data to optimize operations. As the need for digital competencies rises, the quest to find big data professionals and trained staff intensifies.

Career propelling

Businesses naturally want their employees to excel. Starters and young professionals in particular are often offered numerous training opportunities to advance in their career; the Venturn Young Professionals (VYP) Programme, that turns talented starters into full-fledged maritime professionals, is one example. However, this learning curve seems to stagnate once employees ‘settle’ into their career. The majority of our workforce is over 40 years old; these are people with years of experience and knowledge. Unfortunately, we are not optimally utilizing their potential; employees who are mid-career have half as much training as their younger counterparts. It is not unlikely to assume this impacts their digital competencies, and therefore their ability to answer to the changing needs of their employers. Not putting effort into the medior workforce is a wasted opportunity; combining their years of experience with improved knowledge and skills yields excellent results for their personal development and operations as a whole.

We should strive to implement continuous learning throughout a person’s entire career path. Venturn promotes this with our Propeller Programme, which aims to re-ignite and propel people in the middle of their careers to achieve professional and performance excellence. By improving their professional skills, we not only empower and inspire these employees, but we turn them into Performance Excellence Leaders.

Creating Big Data professionals

Another option that ties in with the need for data scientists is the Venturn Data Science (VDS) Programme, that aids maritime professionals in combining their knowledge of the industry with practical data analytical skills. Rather than having to search for data specialists and waiting for them to familiarize themselves with the industry and the company, businesses now have the option to turn existing employees into in-house data scientists. Read more about our VDS Programme here.

Of course there are other ways to effectuate continuous learning, such as through:

  • (Inter)Active learning
  • Business Simulations
  • Leadership development
  • Coaching programmes
  • Inspiration sessions

What is your opinion on how organisations can keep moving forward and stay ahead?

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