Experience the Leader in You!

Experience the Leader in You – January 2017


Something that characterises great leaders is that they are an inspiration to many. Think of Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, or Elon Musk, they all possess a long list of skills and qualities, but above all they have a clear vision or mission that inspires many and such inspiration is crucial to activate others and bring out the best in them. Leadership was the topic up for discussion at our recent ‘Experience the Leader in You’ training with Jocelyn Rebbens.

Now, none of us Young Professionals have the title CEO or President on our business cards (yet!), but during the training we found out that getting your own vision or mission straight can help you being more effective in reaching your personal and professional goals. On the basis of the questions, why? how? and what?, we tried to develop our own ‘leadership compass’ in order to crystallise our personal mission, ambition and incentives.

The training was concluded with a fencing workshop, that served as a metaphor to the lessons we learned with regard to personal leadership. It was also just alot of fun to learn the basics of the art of fencing and to bring it into practice.

This training day was also a special one because it was the last one for our Young Professional colleague Muriel, who graduated from the programme at the end of the day. Next to the training curriculum she undertook projects at De Verkeersonderneming, Port of Moerdijk and EECV. She will soon start her new job as an HR officer at Chemgas.

We also said a fond farewell to our consultants Tom Pijl and Mark Grauss who have now been placed permanently with Den Hartogh and EGS respectively. Everyone at Venturn wishes Muriel, Tom and Mark all the very best for the future!


Written by Niels van Geffen

Venturn Young Professionals (VYP) Programme

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