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Starting this month, Jenny Oortwijn and Lucas Tak joined our office team! Both are currently students who will be fulfilling different roles within Venturn. Jenny has joined our Marketing department and will be responsible for several of our marketing activities, such as composing the newsletter you are reading right now! She will be combining her work at Venturn with her Master’s programme at the Rotterdam School of Management. Lucas is currently completing his internship at Venturn and will be performing a research project aimed at fostering our Business Development and corporate marketing strategy. We are very excited to see the results of his research in a few months. To introduce you to our latest recruits, they conducted a mini interview with each other.

Jenny: What was your first impression of Venturn?

Lucas: My first thought when I came in here was “very impressive”, the hall of the Hulstkamp Building was a great first impression. At the office itself, I immediately noticed that it was a smaller organisation. Something that greatly appealed to me after my experience with a larger corporate business. I immediately had a click with Laura and Kim, both my age and with the same interests and motivations. Also the fact that Patrick immediately asked me to drink a cup of coffee and discuss some things. To me this means that Venturn is a nice flat organisation with a “family vibe”, something I personally love.

Lucas: What made you decide to work for Venturn and why is that important to you?

Jenny: After completing a quite busy bachelor’s programme which I combined with many side projects such as a board year and six months abroad in Montreal, I decided that the year of my master’s programme would be different. I wanted to focus more on work, getting relevant experience and finding out where my interests are in terms of job perspectives. This is important to me because I am the kind of person who likes to keep moving forward and try out new things. Venturn really appealed to me because it provides a function in which I have responsibilities and can actually learn a lot. Besides that, it is a very open and friendly company that also makes me feel welcome, which is an atmosphere that I really need.

Jenny: if you could move Venturn’s office to another country, where would you like to work?

Lucas: Because of my personal experience abroad, I would like to go to Lyon, South France or Monterey, Mexico. These cities really appeal to me because of the culture and the nice weather of course. Looking from a strategic point of view with an economic advantage, my choice goes to Oman and UAE because these countries have a very rich economy and require a lot of oil, port and maritime logistics.

Lucas: What does your favourite holiday look like?

Jenny: My favourite holiday takes place somewhere I have not been before and is one that is a combination of exploring and also relaxing. When I am on holiday I want to see and do everything but I always need to make sure that I don’t run around all day and then get home even more tired. Top of my bucket list at the moment is going to Marrakech and Paris. Marrakech’s culture really appeals to me and I have only been to Paris when I was little but I don’t really remember anything.

Jenny: If you could take over the tasks of a colleague for a whole day, with who would you like to switch?

Lucas: I would like to experience a (busy and varied) day of David Mak, one of the Junior Executive Search Consultants. A day that includes trainings, company visits to our clients, going into the port and experiencing impressions on location, mediating candidates and of course at the end of that day closing a deal, making the bell sound to announce that I closed a deal and then drink a box of beer with colleagues. That seems like a nice day to me.

Lucas: If you had to decide now what you want to do after completing your master’s programme, what would it be?

Jenny: At the moment, I am really drawn to data science and marketing analytics. I would like to develop skills that include programming in order for me to find a job in this field after my master. Something along the lines of an online marketing analyst job appeals to me. But I can also see myself staying at Venturn and working at the marketing department for a while. I am also considering to travel after my studies or do another exchange abroad. Living in a country that is completely different from Western-Europe would be very interesting.

Jenny: What characteristics do you find useful in your work?

Lucas: At Venturn, I get the space for my own input, new ideas and creativity. Things that I really appreciate. My social skills are also useful in my research into marketing / positioning and social innovation. In addition, my social skills are easy to use in the executive search department. I can listen well, ask sharp questions and reason logically.

Lucas: What change do you want to make within Venturn?

Jenny: It is not really that I want to change something completely but I am really excited to work on Venturn’s marketing and brand performance and see how we can enhance this in order to grow and keep moving forward.

Jenny: What is the most important lesson you have ever learned? And from whom did you learn that lesson?

Lucas: I learned the most important lesson by pushing my own boundaries and by making the impulsive decision to move to Lyon on my own. I have learned that it does not matter who you are or what you do. You can write your own stories simply by doing things. If you sit still you never experience something fun or something new. If you create an adventure every day, you really live. Go into the world and discover your own talent and passions.

Lucas: What is your best quality on the work floor and in social life?

Jenny: I think my best quality on the work floor is that I can manage time and deadlines very well. I will always finish my work on time and at the same time I am not afraid to say no when someone asks me to do something and I know that I won’t be able to finish my other work. On the personal side, I think I am a very open and approachable person which allows me to make friends easily.

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