KNRM Helden van de Zee Feêst

KNRM Helden van de Zee Feêst – September 2016

Always being on stand-by to save lives on the water on a completely voluntary basis. That is what the volunteers of the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution (KNRM) do everyday. The KNRM operates as an emergency service and is fully dependent on donations. As active water-sports enthusiasts with careers in shipping, we at Venturn fully support this organisation. Therefore, we donate a minimum of one percent of our annual turnover to the dedicated KNRM rescue teams.

On Friday the 9th of September we attended the KNRM party called Helden van de Zee Feêst, which was held at Neeltje Jans in the province of Zeeland. The day was split into two parts: activities on the water in the afternoon and in the evening the Sponsors-party. During the day, we got the opportunity to take part in practice rescue activities of the KNRM and see for ourselves what an important job they deliver on a daily basis. Luckily, the weather was perfect for being on the water, so we very much enjoyed ourselves.

In the evening the KNRM organised an evening of food, drinks and fun entertainment. In total, €50.000 was raised for the KNRM-station at Neeltje Jans.

We would like to thank the KNRM for this amazing day and evening!Helden van de Zee





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