Our People

We are Venturnians!

Ven-turn-i-an (noun)

1. impassioned maritime consultant

2. seeker of continuous improvement

Passionate about the world of, on and near seawater.

Perhaps that is the best way to describe why we do what we do at Venturn. We are fascinated by the world where people and the sea meet and work together. Our consultants are maritime experts and understand your business. We work relentlessly towards the improvement and development of people and organisations in this industry.


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Get to know a Venturnian!

Each month, we at Venturn give our stakeholders the opportunity to get to know one of our colleagues better through a short interview. If you are interested in what our colleagues have to say about working in the maritime industry aswell as what their superpower is, you can click on the links below!

Dorien Marijs – Young Professional
Martijn Bekke – Young Professional
Niels Romme – Managing Partner Venturn






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