Our Young Professionals learn about Organisational Power Dynamics!

Organisational Power Dynamics – December 2016


The virtues of Prudentia, Temperantia, Justita and Fortitudo have been known all over the world for ages.

On the 16th of December during the workshop on ‘Organisational Power Dynamics’ provided by Double Healix, the Venturn Young Professionals learned more about the role these elements play in daily life and how they can be applied to relationships and situations at work.

Looking at the cross, the horizontal axis shows fortitude on the left hand side and temperantia on the right hand side; decisiveness versus patience.

The vertical axis shows Prudentia versus Justitia; control and conservatism versus justice and integrity.

Obviously, the right balance between the four factors is the key to success.

Broadly speaking, at least in my opinion, in a company environment one may see the prudential on top as the CEO/CFO/CCO. The Justitia on the opposite side represents the biggest share of people, the population, or majority of people working for a company. The fortitude on the left could then represent the sales people who get things done and can be most persuasive, whereas the temperantia on the right stands for the people in the financial and IT departments, patience!

By analysing every day situations from movies, television series and our own working environments, we learned to position people and companies within the cross. Apart from knowing where a company or person finds itself, this trick could actually help you to understand the forces influencing behaviour and decisions. A key ‘takeaway’ of this workshop was; knowing the position and forces that influence a partner or competitor will help you to adapt your style before approaching them. We are looking forward to putting this into practice!


Written by Nick Bijwaard

Venturn Young Professionals (VYP) Programme

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