VYP Training – Personal Branding by Jocelyn Rebbens

Personal Branding Training – 16 September 2016

Written by Niels van Geffen

The VYP teambuilding day in August helped us Young Professionals to grow as a team by defying the wild waters of the Oosterschelde and by exploring several bars in idyllic Goes. Now this month’s training day, provided by Jocelyn Rebbens, was all about personal development. More specifically: personal branding. Homework included asking a number of personal and professional relations to list five core traits that they thought fitted our personality. So, it seemed like it was going to be an interesting day.

During the day we learned a lot about the importance of personal branding in today’s society. For example: how it can help you to get where you want to be. Generally, we tried to answer questions such as: How am I perceived by others around me? How do I want to be perceived? And most importantly, how can I make sure others perceive me the way I want yo be perceived? Furthermore, we discussed the implications and opportunities of the digital world with regard to our personal brand. Luckily, everyone passed Jocelyn’s online background check and none of us seemed to be haunted by embarrassing pictures from the past. I think the training offered us some really interesting insights and theory on how to stand out with your own personal brand.

Personal Branding


Finally, we were asked to create a mood board to help visualise our personal brand and bring it to life. We then had to pitch our mood board to all of our Venturn colleagues. This wasn’t your average kindergarten arts and crafts activity, the stakes were much higher as a jury would award one of us with a special prize. With eternal glory within our reach we went “all-in” in terms of creativity, enthusiasm and determination. Ultimately, to the jury there was little doubt that Muriël succeeded best in delivering her personal brand and was awarded her very own Personal Branding book written by our trainer Jocelyn Rebbens.

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