Social Innovation: What, How and Why?

Social Innovation: What, How and Why?

In recent years there has been increasing attention for social innovation amongst many companies, however successful implementation is still rare according to Venturn’s recent research into this topic in the maritime logistics sector.

Studies such as the Havenbarometer have already shown that social innovation brings great benefits and enables organizations to make better use of their technological knowledge base and improvement in performance. Venturn has distinguished four characteristics of socially innovative organizations:

  • Enterprising DNA
  • Decentralized organizational structure
  • Multi-deployable employees
  • Autonomous teams

To gain insight into the extent to which these four characteristics are represented within the maritime and logistics sector, Venturn approached 144 companies to further investigate the implementation of social innovation. Even within the sector there are already many differences between companies: factors such as company size as well as sector seem to play a role. We also examined the extent to which the management’s vision differs from the day-to-day experience of the workplace.

Are you curious about which changes and opportunities Venturn has been able to identify as a result of this research? During the Management in Logistics event on March 21, 2019, Venturn will be present with a stand to discuss social innovation with you. In addition, we will provide an interactive presentation where we will explain amongst other things what social innovation exactly entails and what it can mean for your company, examples we see in practice and what role Venturn can play in this.

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