Venturn provides three-day training course in the Middle East

Venturn provides training course in the Middle East


This week we have turned the spotlight on the  Middle East. A fascinating region in which we are active for a couple of years now.

We have hosted an intensive three day leadership training for our clients in both Dubai and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). We have worked intensively with several groups of managers on their leadership skills. Helping them to get more insight in leading themselves, others and the organization they work for. Across the line the results were incredible. We have achieved a very high evaluation and a lot of thanks and encouragement. Thus making our work very valuable and inspiring both for our selves as for our clients.

Furthermore we hosted a serious gaming training to the management team of a major container terminal in Jeddah. Our serious gaming sessions focuses on operational excellence but demands many more skills including strategic thinking and a wide variety of commercial skills. During the game four teams take over full management of an existing container terminal. Teams rise to the challenge to transform their terminal into a true and sustainable success. What’s so special about Venturn’s  serious gaming sessions is that our gaming engine supports innovative thinking. Changes are made on the fly in order to accommodate and challenge the participants creativity and experience. Complemented by a vast dose of practical experience of the trainers the gaming session ended in an instructive and engaging two days. We have found it truly great to work with such eager and grateful people and are proud to also make a difference here.


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