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March 2018

Venturn attends several career events, such as MOCE, to stay in touch with clients and candidates

The “war for talent” is undoubtedly a familiar term for many businesses nowadays. At Venturn, we see the results of our recovering economy daily: clients turn to us for help because they are struggling to find the qualified employees they need. Candidates are spoilt for choice in our current labour market, which means that companies need to be increasingly creative and competitive to recruit the best staff.

2017 ended with over one million available vacancies in the Netherlands (source: UWV), a number we haven’t seen since before the crisis in 2008. By the end of last year, on average only 1.8 jobseeker was available for every vacancy; in comparison, the ratio was 1:1.3 in 2008 (source: CBS). One of the major problem areas for many organisations is finding and retaining highly educated technicians, engineers and specialists. Vacancies for these types of positions are everywhere, not just in the maritime sector. Therefore, there is a need for the maritime sector to improve its image in order to attract these highly sought-after employees.

However, these are not the only types of roles that organisations are having a hard time finding the right people for. There will be a general labour shortage as soon as this summer, with a rapidly increasing gap between the amount of jobseekers and the amount of vacancies. From our position, Venturn has seen the labour market switch from employer-centred to candidate-centred. This is why we are constantly pro-actively seeking out potential candidates who could be the right fit for our clients. Our competitive advantage lies with our focus and dedication to the maritime sector. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of and network within the maritime logistics industry, we have been able to successfully match over 50 candidates to a new challenge in 2017, and we continue to connect organisations to the labour market in 2018!

Is your organisation struggling to arm itself in the war for talent? Venturn wants to help you keep moving and stay ahead of the competition! Contact us today to share a cup of coffee at our Rotterdam office and learn about our services: | +31 (0)10 304 20 70

Of course we are always on the look-out for talented candidates as well. Are you looking for a new career opportunity, but are you not sure where to start? Take a look at our current vacancies or send in an open application.


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