Venturn Young Professionals day with the Rotterdam Pilots

April 2017

As part of the Venturn Young Professionals (VYP) Programme we all get an opportunity to spend an inspirational day with a company in the Port of Rotterdam. This month it was our turn to join one of the Rotterdam pilots of ‘het Loodswezen during their work day. The experienced pilots ensure that seagoing ships enter and exit the Netherlands and Flemish ports of the Scheldt as safely and efficiently as possible. The well trained teams give their support in all circumstances and weather conditions during the day and night.


After waking up early, we started our journey to the most western part of the Europort with a slow rising, beautiful spring sun. After meeting our Pilot Elco Oskam, and having a delicious cup of coffee we were ready to launch right in! The first task was to move a vessel from the ECT terminal to a temporary mooring at Maasvlakte II. Boarding and disembarking was not as straight forward as we had thought. We needed to climb up and down a hanging ladder in the blowing wind, with the waves crashing against the vessel, moving us up and down. We finished by jumping onto one of the boats of ‘de Roeiers. This was a thrilling experience after which we were brought safely to shore. This was when we got the call for our second assignment; moving an oil tanker from De Botlek to Moerdijk. This was a more peaceful trip, where we able to observe and analyse how the Pilot accurately guided and directed the vessel through the rivers of Rotterdam.

It was a fun, educational day for us especially considering we have a keen interest in the maritime and port industry! Many thanks to the Rotteram pilots for allowing us to accompany them for the day and for keeping our harbour a safe place to work.


Venturn Young Professionals (2016-2017)


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