Team of Venturn Young Professionals rescued a man overboard


October 2017


Team of Venturn Young Professionals rescued a man overboard


A team of Venturn Young Professionals  has rescued a man from the Westerschelde. Near the crossing of the main water with the Schaar van Valkenisse, a man hit overboard (MOB) around 15.15.

The Young Professionals were given the task of calculating where the person was located by means of the MOB position and the flow chart. Then, of course, they collaborate with the volunteers of KNRM rescue station Hansweert, the rescue boat Jan van Engelenburg to search for the person.

After several search teams, the MOB was located and could be saved. Fortunately, it was a floating fender. The purpose of this assignment for Young Professionals was to solve a problem within a team. After the MOB was “rescued,” the Young Professionals jumped over to experience how it feels to be saved.


The connection between Venturn and the KNRM
Venturn and the KNRM have a close connection. “In the maritime world, life-saving help is sometimes needed. This is taken care of by the KNRM’s motivated volunteers. To help these volunteers, Venturn supports the KNRM” said Venturn’s Management. Annually, Venturn donates 1% of the revenue to the KNRM to finance the operation of the rescue station at Hansweert. The Young Professionals and the volunteers of KNRM rescue station Hansweert look back on a successful afternoon!















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