Working in the maritime sector for Venturn means working in a buzzing and driven environment.


Wait and see is not part of the package. We are proactive and driven and we like to go the extra mile; we always put our best foot forward. We really only have one objective – we will do everything in our power to have highly satisfied clients in the maritime sector. That is why we have agreed on codes of conduct in which we lead, follow and help develop. Again with just one objective – we want to impress the client like nobody else has done before and we make sure we stand out from the crowd. In short, we give it our all! We simply want to serve the maritime and logistics world, which we admire so much, in the best possible way. We are characterised as impassioned experts.

Would you like to be part of this, do you love the same world, and do you know your way around that world? Do you believe that this mentality is in your genes? Well, in that case you are the right person for the maritime sector! Get on the phone and tell us how you will add value for our clients! Or perhaps we have a vacancy in the maritime sector that suits you!



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