VYP communication training “Walk your Talk” by Jocelyn Rebbens

Communication training “Walk your Talk” by Jocelyn Rebbens – July 2016


Every third Friday of the month, our Venturn Young Professionals (VYP’s) have a full day of training, as part of the VYP’s curriculum. This month, the training was all about improving our communication skills. The communication training was facilitated by Jocelyn Rebbens from ReBBels. The main goal of the training was to improve our daily communication towards others. Next to that, we were provided with useful insights about our personalities and complementary communication styles using a LIFO® (Life Orientations) test.

Communication training

The training day was split into two parts: a morning session and an afternoon session. In the morning, Jocelyn provided us with important information about how we communicate and how we can improve our communication. To make it more interactive, Jocelyn asked us to complete two short assignments to discover how communication works. In the afternoon, we got the opportunity to practice our communication skills with a professional actor. In that way, we could immediately bring the theory into practice.

All in all, it was a day full of learning which we all enjoyed very much. Want to know more about the VYP programme? More detailed information about the programme and about the curriculum in particular can be found on our website.

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