VYP Team Building Day

Young Professionals Team Building Day – August 2016

by Muriel de Klerk


Exactly one year ago I became part of the Venturn Young Professionals (VYP) programme. Within this programme the team building days have been one of my favourite. Twice a year all the VYP’s gather together to strengthen their relationships and have fun. During the day we carry out various activities and at the end of the day we debrief and recap our day over some drinks.Team Building

The surprise team building day in August took place in Wolphaartsdijk, located in the province of Zeeland. With many water sport possibilities in the area, we knew we would be up for something fun. And as it turned out: fun it was! Our Founding Partner, Patrick van der Ven, is the proud owner of a sailboat, so in the morning we received a list with buoy numbers we had to pass along the way. The rest was up to us. Together we decided the fastest route, taken into account the wind direction, current and tide. We learned along the way that sailing against the tide is not a really smart idea. It was a great day full of fun and we learned a lot about navigation and working as a team. And just like every other training day we discovered there is still room for improvement in how we carry out our tasks.

In the end, we also had to make sure to carry on the tradition. The tradition for ending your Venturn team building day in Zeeland: go out in Goes, have some drinks, return to your cottage just before sunrise and make sure it was a night to remember. I hope we have made the former VYP’s proud!

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