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We believe we can make a difference to organisations at the point where change has occurred and new management, structure and processes need to be implemented.

Venturn helps many maritime companies develop their strategies for improvement but we mainly focus on the implementation side of things, when new structures and processes need to be rolled out. We take on any industry related challenge that needs to be tackled and we assign an expert team to implement and execute the most appropriate solutions.

We offer an initial pressure cooker session to establish the key issues and overall objectives and we put together a steering group to drive the organization change. Our projects typically include initial data/fact analysis followed by process redesign, and then imbedding the new structure within the organization. We work with, support and improve the functioning of existing departments.

Venturn is highly involved with the process and goes much further than offering advice. We make sure to oversee the implementation aspect of our consultancy projects to ensure your business achieves sustainable results.


Venturn project examples

  • Data analysis of the global empty container flow, process redesign, implementing new structures and systems, multi-million savings;
  • Global assessment of agency management personnel against a new global blue print agency structure: 200 people and 30 countries, completed in 2 months.

Venturn’s business consultancy is special because we have our own Young Professionals to support the expert teams handling the project. Our VYPs are incredibly adept at data crunching, analyzing and visualizing these results in order to improve your organisation. By combining the knowledge and experience of industry experts with the digital competencies and fresh perspectives of our Young Professionals, Venturn aims to create sustainable business solutions.


Have we interested you?

More information about the hands-on maritime business consultancy from Venturn is available on our website or contact Niels Romme via niels@venturn.nl | +31 10 304 20 70 for more specific information aimed at your organization.


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