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The basis of Venturn’s Strategy 2020 is to grow our organisation and its revenue substantially over the next few years. Next to the further developments of its current services, Venturn wants to facilitate and stimulate innovation through our so-called innovation programmes.

To ensure that the projected growth takes place in a realistic and sustainable way, maintains the values of the organisation and stays in line with market developments, the partners of Venturn have decided to install an Advisory Board. The board monitors company developments and preserves and guards the principles behind Strategy 2020.

In more detail, the board:

  • provides feedback and advice regarding the strategic agenda and development of innovation themes and programmes;
  • inspires Venturn to pursue new opportunities in the markets where we are active;
  • acts as a sounding board for the Venturn Partners; and
  • takes a critical position towards the Venturn Partners.

The members of the board

Dick Binkhorst founded Plimsoll in 1984 and executed a vast number of assignments in international shipping and logistics. After selling Plimsoll’s Executive Search activities to Venturn in 2018 he joined Venturn’s Advisory Board with the intention to contribute to the future of the merged companies.

Dennis Mol is a seasoned business executive and change leader in global operating maritime  companies, both private equity and publicly owned. As an Advisory Board Member, Dennis “connects the dots” and stimulates Venturn to strengthen its position even further into today’s dynamic world.

Wim Bens is an energetic target driven professional experienced in strategic leadership. His passion lies with guiding people and organisations through change, a passion he shares with Venturn. As Advisory Member, he contributes to the development of the maritime and logistics industries.

What we stand for

People empowerment

We believe people are at the core of innovation. By paying close attention to their needs in time of change, we drive individual and team performance.

Industry expertise

Our team possesses the international network and industry knowledge necessary to develop tailored solutions for any organisation in the supply chain.

Results-oriented approach

With our hands-on consultancy, we focus on implementing organisational change. We guide the client organisation throughout the entire change process to ensure desired results are achieved.

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