Managing Partner Celebrates 10 years with Venturn

Managing Partner Niels Romme celebrates 10 years anniversary – November 2015


10 years ago, Niels Romme joined Venturn as a Managing Partner. Back then, it was a big step for both Venturn as a company and for Niels Romme himself. But with his experience and knowledge in the maritime sector as well as his passion for the salty water, we all knew no one was going to regret it. Join us in congratulating our Managing Partner, Niels Romme, with his 10 year anniversary at Venturn! At the groups November update meeting the team thanked Niels for his commitment to Venturn over the last 10 years and his support to our clients and everyone at Venturn. To keep up to date on all the Venturn team updates follow us on our company LinkedIn page.

Managing Partner


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