Mentor General Cargo Specialist – BEIRA – Mozambique

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Mentor General Cargo Specialist – BEIRA – Mozambique

Opleiding: HBO | Niveau: Senior | Stad: BEIRA - Mozambique | Land: Mozambique


The Container Terminal is a state of the art facility using the latest technology available on the market. The General Cargo Terminal is a traditional Break Bulk and Bulk terminal handling a very diverse range of cargo such as Grains, Fertilizer, Granite, Clinker, Chrome, Project cargo and various others. The General Cargo Terminal has not evolved with the same speed as the Container Terminal but currently efforts are made to close the gap. At the moment a project is starting to fully computerize the operational control and documentation systems of the Terminal through a General Cargo TOS. Modernization however also requires investment in the staff and management of the terminal as well as optimizations of working procedures to comply with international standards and to increase productivity.

As part of this drive to improve our human resources and working methods, CdM is looking for an experienced General Cargo Specialist to join our team for at least one year as a Coach and Advisor with the following responsibilities.


Cornelder de Mocambique (CdM) is the Operator of the General Cargo and Container Terminal in the Port of Beira, Mozambique since 1998. Since starting operations, CdM has managed to increase handled volumes by more than 700% and invested significantly in additional capacity in both equipment, systems and human resources.


  • Development and implementation of a training program for our Operations Supervisors (Responsible for overall GC operations in absence of
  • Terminal Management) and Vessel Foremen (responsible for individual vessels)
  • Identification of industry and general knowledge gaps and proposals for / implementation of solutions:
  • Theoretical/Classroom training by Coach himself, supported by CdM training department.
  • Theoretical training by 3rd party institutions.

On the Job training of Supervisors.

  • Regular accompanying shifts of individual supervisors.
  • Constant feedback on individual improvement possibilities:

Operational issues.
Leadership / management issues.
Industry practices / port specific procedures.

On the Job training of Vessel Foremen.

  • Regular accompanying operations with groups of vessel foremen, identifying improvement opportunities and showing them how to manage quay operations more effectively.
  • Coaching and Advising of General Cargo Terminal Management (Operations Director and Terminal Manager).


  • Operations improvements.
  • Procedure improvements.
  • Industry Best Practices Compliance.
  • Human resource improvements.
  • Reporting improvements.
  • Equipment selection.
  • Safety improvements.
  • Process improvement implementations.
  • Lead or assist in development of SOP’s for specific operations.
  • Lead or assist in general process improvements to be implemented on the terminal.
  • Auditing of Operations.

Reporting to Terminal Manager / Operations Director on observations on weakness / incompliances observed in Operations.
The General Cargo Specialist will report to the Operations Director but will on a day to day basis be working with the General Cargo Terminal Manager and have close interaction with the CdM Training department.
Beyond the development and administration of the Supervisor and Foremen training program, the General Cargo Specialist will have no fixed Line manager duties to ensure he is able to spend as much time as possible in the Operation itself and coach others to get to better results.

Functie eisen

Proven extensive practical experience in General Cargo Operations (Captain, Supercargo,Terminal Manager).

  • Extensive experience in training of people (mainly on the job but preferably also some experience in class room setting).
  • Team player. English language is a must,
  • Portuguese Language is a big advantage.

In the role of Advisor / Coach it is important that the General Cargo specialist is able to use his knowledge to let the Supervisors and Terminal Management reach better decisions, not make decisions for them. The success of the assignment is not measured in an increase in productivity while present in the operation, but in an increase in productivity also when he is absent.


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