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Venturn Young Professional Program: Prince 2 training, October 17th 2014

On Friday the 17th of October the Venturn Young Professionals started their three-day Prince 2 course. Jeroen de Boer describes his experiences of this day


Pre Project/Initiation-stage

IF I ONLY KNEW. As young professionals, project management is an important aspect of our working life. Every day we are being confronted with the difficulties of running successful projects. Therefore, there is special attention dedicated to learning how to become a structured project manager in the Venturn Young Professional program.  In order to successfully finish a project you should start with the basics and therefore all young professionals enrolled in a three-day course which will prepare us for the Prince2® Foundation exam.


The Project Stage

The first day training was given by Paul Geelen at the Venturn headquarter; Paul is a certified Prince2 trainer who has successfully completed many projects during his time as a project manager. He has learned that you can successfully complete a project but the benefits of the project are not paying off. The success of your project highly depends on the specificity of the project and the environment in which you are operating. During our first training day, Paul gave us a high level overview of the project lifecycle and explained the importance of getting your act together before you start instead of a trial and error approach. The different phases of a project (“Pre-project stage, initiation-stage, project stage and post-project”) were illustrated and we learned that every project stage requires a different style of management; therefore it is important to constantly be aware of the stage your project is currently in. Furthermore, we should not only focus specifically on our projects but also acknowledge the environment (e.g. the company culture) of the project and take this into account. If I had known this before, I could have spend more energy on finding an approach that fit’s the company in stead of wasting my energy on frustration in believing there is a one-size fits all project management approach.  PROPER PROJECT MANAGEMENT IS TAILOR MADE.


Post Project

In addition to the Prince 2 training during which we mostly gained theoretical knowledge, all young professionals also had to get up from their seats and present their current projects. The goal of these presentations was to make a start with enhancing our presentation skills because ultimately it is essential to be able to communicate your plans as a project manager in a clear fashion. These presentations will be analysed in depth during future sessions.  To conclude, during this training day we learned that according to the principles of Prince 2, project managers need to be very versatile. Luckily, the Venturn Young Professional program offers us the opportunity to acquire all these necessary skills!




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