Overseeing the development of commercial initiatives


Venturn organises and facilitates many exciting projects for different maritime and logistics companies all over the world. In this month’s Voice, we shed some light on one of our projects for Pooling Partners. Special thanks to Venturn consultant Erik Roel for sharing his experiences at the company. 

Pooling Partner operates in the pallet industry and their clients mostly work in the fast moving consumer goods. These clients use Pooling Partners’ pallets to bring their products to retailers. Pooling Partners brings the pallets to the clients, maintains the pallets and then returns them to their clients as well. This seems as a simple business model, but through his time working at the company Erik has learned that the market is more complex than it seems at first glance. It is an interesting market to him that has its own dynamics and characteristics which makes working at Pooling Partners compelling and challenging. He has been working for Pooling Partners since January.

Pooling partners is developing an improvement program using several commercial and operational initiatives. The company is in a phase now in which it is important to make sure that a number of these developed initiatives are turned into concrete plans. Additionally a system is being set up which monitors the progress that has been made so far.

This is where Erik comes in. He has to oversee the process, make sure tasks are completed at the right time and that everyone is on the same page. The most challenging part is to find the right balance between reminding people to complete certain tasks while being not too pushy. The people Erik works with are committed to Pooling Partners and to making this project a success. All in all, Erik finds himself in a great team and enjoys communicating with clients and closely working together with different parties to successfully implement the different initiatives.


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