News from VYP: Potential Young Professionals work on self-awareness

Potential Young Professional Day on self-awareness, 02/10/2014


venturn young professional program lunchLast Thursday we welcomed our Potential Young Professionals at Venturn again. The Potential Young Professional Pool is a group of talented graduates looking for a job and very interested in our Young Professional Program. After a recruitment day, we select the best candidates and welcome them in our pool. From that moment on we start looking for projects for them. As soon as we find a project that fits, they become a Venturn Young Professional and start participating in our program. The Potential Young Professional pool is without any obligations: which means the candidates can keep looking for a job elsewhere and we only promise to do our best finding a project for them. We simply cannot guarantee we will find a project in time.
During the 3 months in this pool we want to make sure we give the candidates something useful while waiting. Therefore we invite them every month to a Potential Young Professional day. These days are based on a theme, on this occasion: self-awareness. One of the Potential Young Professionals describes this day:

The day started with our presentations. The assignment was to think of our dream job, come in contact with an inspiring person with that profession to ask questions, and give a presentation on the information received. In the presentation we had to discuss based on what qualities and skills we expect the dream role to fit us. In addition we also had to mention what skills still need to grow or develop.

Afterwards we all gave each other feedback. The assignment for the person receiving the feedback was to just say ‘thank you’, instead of reacting immediately. This is the way it works in job interviews as well, the impression you make is also something you cannot change or discuss afterwards. You simply do not get a second chance to make a first impression: a great lesson to learn.

The second part of the day we played the core quadrants game (Ofman). It was a playful and very effective way to get to know more about (your own) characteristics, and get insight into every ‘dark side’ of a seemingly positive quality.

Self-awareness proved to be a very informative and important theme for fresh graduates like us. Knowing yourself comes in handy during job interviews. Very often you get questions about your positive and/ or negative characteristics, and being prepared will help us a lot.

The day closed with a healthy company lunch with all the Venturn people in which we evaluated the morning session in an open and constructive way!


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