Preparing for Brexit: What you need to know

As many of you will most certainly know, the maritime and logistic field is an ever-changing field of innovation. Which is also necessary. The Port of Rotterdam for example is getting more connected digitally. Up until September 2017 it was not or barely possible for authorities, ships and businesses to share information and data because of a use of different languages. Now that this is possible, the harbour has to deal with another issue, namely Brexit.

Brexit is really going to take place and it will be soon: March 29th, 2019. But did you know up to 80% of the small and medium sized businesses operating in or through the port of Rotterdam are not yet ready for Brexit? Not only customs has to prepare. New formalities such as a registration forms to register products, export declaration and sanitary certificates are needed if businesses want to be able to import and export products to the UK via the harbour of Rotterdam as efficiently as they are doing right now.

Next to that, as carriers will have to wait longer before they can enter a ship, the terminal will not have enough capacity available and fresh produce might not be delivered to the UK the next day. To keep the port running as smoothly as possible, a well-connected digital infrastructure between The Netherlands and the United Kingdom is required. Consequently, the harbour and business will have to make use of information systems and data analyses to set this up. Time will tell whether this will be established on time or not.

In the meantime, did you know that Venturn’s Data Science Programme will start again in January? Data science in the maritime and logistics field has never been more important than now. The program offers a unique training with hands-on experience in programming, analysing data and will teach you how to solve problems using data. Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page where we will post more information soon! You can also have a look at the previous edition’s flyer to learn more.


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