Potential Young Professional Day: The Marshmallow Challenge

Yesterday we welcomed our Potential Young Professionals at Venturn again. The Potential Young Professional Pool is a group of talented graduates looking for a job and very interested in our Young Professional Program. After a recruitment day, we select the best candidates and welcome them in our pool. From that moment on we start looking for projects for them. As soon as we find a project that fits, they become a Venturn Young Professional and start participating in our program. The Potential Young Professional pool is without any obligations: which means the candidates can keep looking for a job elsewhere and we do our best finding a project for them. We simply cannot guarantee we will find a project in time.

During the 3 months in this pool we want to make sure we give the candidates something useful while waiting. Therefore we invite them every month to a Potential Young Professional day. These days are based on a theme, on this occasion: Passion. One of the Potential Young Professionals describes her experience this day.

noun \ˈpa-shən\
: a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something

So, is this passion? A strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement? Is it a feeling? Or is it an emotion or an idea? This is what we started our day with. We discussed what passion means for us, and what our passion is. Furthermore we discussed inspiration. How does this differ from passion? And what or who is it that inspires you?
Passion and Inspiration, ofcourse, differ for everyone. Our discussion showed this: some of us are passionate about being able to help develop people, while others are passionate about being able to improve matters in order to optimize results.
Most people do not often discuss their passion and inspiration extensively, therefore this was very interesting. It really got us thinking.

Afterwards we started the famous Marshmallow Challenge. The assignment was simple (execution, however, not so much): In teams of two, we had to build the tallest freestanding structure, using, amongst others, sticks of spaghetti and a marshmallow.

The last part of the program was a tour through a part of the port of Rotterdam since this is what Venturn is passionate about. Seeing the change between what has been and what is supposed to be the future, was something I found very inspiring myself.

We ended the day at the Venturn office with a company lunch.




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