Reddersgala & 10 year sponsorship Rescue Station Hansweert

Last weekend both the KNRM Reddersgala and a dinner to celebrate the 10 year sponsorship between Venturn and the KNRM took place. The Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Organization (KNRM) operates as an independent relief organization and is completely dependent on donations, gifts and sponsorships. Rescue Station Hansweert performs search and rescue activities on the eastern part of the Oosterschelde and Westerschelde and is, like the rest of the organization, run by volunteers.

Edward Zwitser is, among other things, the project manager of the Reddersgala and according to him the gala is no ordinary gala. Rather the gala is organized in order to celebrate the different relationships the KNRM has been a part of over the past years. In addition, the gala is not specifically a fundraiser. Still, 845.000 euros was raised at the gala this year: a beautiful sign that the maritime sector has a heart for the rescue society.

And so does Venturn, which is apparent from the 10 year sponsorship relation we have with the KNRM Rescue Station Hansweert. Last Friday a dinner was organized to celebrate the collaboration between Venturn and the KNRM but also to thank the volunteers who work at the rescue station. The idea to sponsor the rescue station started off as an alternative to having multiple small projects and conveniently, the station was set up around the same time Venturn was creating a sponsor fund.

Our own Patrick van de Ven speeched about how fast the time goes by, realizing that we are already half way through our 20 year commitment. The past 10 years have been filled with the occasional parties and events organized together with the KNRM as well as the reoccurring training session that our newest employees are always welcome to attend at the rescue station.

However, the sponsorship of Venturn was not the only reason to celebrate as being explained by the mayor of Reimerswaal, José van Egmond. After expressing her admiration for the passion and love the volunteers put into rescuing people at sea, she acknowledged the fact that the work could not be performed without them. Therefore, she awarded around 10 of the volunteers present with a ‘volunteer medal’ and an anecdotal story.

All in all it was a great weekend to celebrate the maritime sector and its people involved!



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