Our revised code of conduct: IMPRESS

Our code of conduct: IMPRESS – July 2016


Some of you might be familiar with our code of conduct IMPRESS. But in case you haven’t heard of it before: IMPRESS is what keeps us focused every day. We challenge ourselves to make a positive impression every time we meet somebody new. Every single character of IMPRESS represents a word, and together these seven words make up our modus operandi.


On Wednesday 6 July we organised an evening session with the Venturn office team and all of our young professionals. The goal of this session was to discuss and update our code of conduct. First, Patrick van de Ven presented us with the vision and mission of Venturn. Next, we started an interactive session to revise and update IMPRESS, as over time the meanings of these characters might have changed. The group was split into two: one group included all young professionals, the other group included all other Venturn members. The characters of this code of conduct were divided over the two groups and the groups were supposed to come up with a new or revised meaning of their characters. The goal of this evening session was to keep our code of conduct up-to-date, so that we all know how to behave according to our modus operandi.

More info about our code of conduct can be found on the Venturn website.


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