How our VYP’s discovered the Secrets of a Perfect Pitch

Perfect Pitch – October 2016


The third Friday of October we had our monthly Venturn Young Professionals (VYP) training day. The topic was ‘pitch training’ provided by Nathalie Mangelaars from PitchQueen.

You only have two minutes on the clock and you need to present yourself in a powerful manner. How do you do that? We knew that introducing ourselves as “Hi, my name is Muriel, 27 years old and living in Rotterdam” would not leave a lasting impression. But what would?

Luckily, the training taught us everything we needed to know about pitching. The day started with a short pitch about ourselves. For some of us a confronting start to the day, because it’s not always easy to present yourself before an audience. As well as that, you need to be vulnerable if you want to give an honest pitch about yourself.

A good pitch needs to go to the core of the story and therefore needs to be brief. One by one we gave a pitch about ourselves where our fellow young professionals and Nathalie gave us useful feedback about our story, intonation and body language. This was really helpful and we immediately could see improvements in the pitches.

Afterwards we went through the theory; what does a good pitch always consist of? This newly acquired knowledge was immediately put into practice with the second pitch which needed to be about a situation we encountered in our work. It was nice to see that all the participants’ pitches had already improved a lot. The last pitch we needed to give was about Venturn, and now there was a little competition. The group was divided into two and from each group a pitch queen or king was chosen. At the end of the day each group prepared a pitch to deliver in front of all the Venturn employees, pitched by their queens.

Because we had to deliver our pitch in front of a different audience, we learned to adapt our pitch accordingly. It was impressive to see how the tips and tricks from Nathalie helped us all. All the VYP’s dealt with the constructive criticism in a positive and productive way.

Learning while doing is an effective way of training, and especially when it comes to pitching. After every pitch we received useful feedback and therefore every pitch was better than the previous one. We all learned how to target the audience and define the core statement. Our pitches became more and more lively and interesting to the audience and we all became more aware of our intonation and body language. It was a very interesting day.
Some of us assumed that pitching would not be that difficult. However, we found it a challenging task to deliver a successful business pitch in just two minutes. But as they say “practice makes perfect” and in the end we were able to deliver our message within 2 minutes.
From now on we will not introduce ourselves as “Hi, my name is Muriel, 27 years old and living in Rotterdam”. How will we start then? Talk to us and you will hear the ‘Perfect Pitch’.

Written by Muriel de Klerk & Merle Heuvels

Venturn Young Professionals


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