Technical Director – Anthony Veder – Rotterdam

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Technical Director – Anthony Veder – Rotterdam

Opleiding: Universiteit (WO) | Niveau: Executive | Stad: Rotterdam | Land: Nederland


The significant growth of Anthony Veder requires an investment in further professionalising the Technical Department and in particular the maintenance and repair function in the company. In addition, with further growth aspirations, the Technical Department is responsible for the execution of upcoming newbuilding programmes. Procurement related to M&R and Newbuilding resorts under the Technical Director as well.

To meet the changing demands of the business and ensure the future successful growth ambitions, the TD is responsible for keeping the fleet in the best technical and nautical conditions, meeting and exceeding industry standards, in the most cost efficient manner. This to ensure maximum uptime of assets whereby ensuring a competitive cost base allowing competitive pricing for the commercial functions.

The Technical Director will lead by example, act as a role model for the technical team and works towards a continuous improvement culture through their charisma and concern for others. Carrying out the company culture and being the connection within and between teams is paramount. The Technical Director also acts as a sensor and makes sure a safe and professional environment is guaranteed by reading and understanding the people around them.

Leading the technical team through a changing business environment and accelerating the overall performance, requires specific competences with a focus on change management and continuous improvement.


About Anthony Veder

Anthony Veder Group is a specialist in (liquid) gas shipping and is one of the largests shipowners in it’s niche. Incorporated in 1937, they started operating their first gas tanker in 1969 and have been involved in gas shipping ever since.

Anthony Veder operates exclusively modern gas carriers in all segments of the gas market and owns the majority of their fleet. This fleet consists of over 30 sophisticated vessels fit for the safe and efficient transportation of gases. Most of them are semi pressurised/fully refrigerated (SP/FR) gas tankers and ethylene (ETH) carriers. In addition, the fleet consists of combined- and dedicated LNG carriers.

With their long-standing history of ship ownership and gas shipping, they develop long-term relationships with their clients by offering safe, reliable and flexible gas transport services with an eye for quality. The company and its employees aim to adapt to continually changing internal and external circumstances. Anthony Veder pursues sustainable growth for their own company and their clients by offering sustainable innovations to strengthen the supply chain.

Their vision is to be the number one in gas shipping service solutions. Anthony Veder aims to achieve this through their commitment to innovation and transparent communication with clients, employees and other shakeholders. To maintain and further improve their strong position in the market, they work in accordance with their Code of Ethics and their core values:

  • Safety first
  • Quality & Service
  • Innovation
  • Responsibility
  • Drive


Key accountabilities

  • Act as a role model for the technical team, coach, stimulate and motivate the team. Build solid partnerships with the other departments and stimulate same through the entire technical organization;
  • Be a champion for change and continuous improvement, facilitating an open culture within the technical team by constantly challenging them and motivating them to achieve higher goals;
  • Ensure proper execution of implementations regaring M&R, Purchasing and New Build;
  • Create ambitious goals and strive for better performance and cost reductions;
  • Influence senior management, gain commitment and support for proposed ideas and handle objections through solid reasoning;
  • Take responsibility and adapt to different personalities, give timely, objective and constructive feedback and be able to delegate content and implementation;
  • Inspire the next level of leaders throughout Anthony Veder;
  • Application of new technology to reduce maintenance costs and increase uptime;

Place in the organisation

* The Technical Director is a member of the Management Team and reports to the COO of the company who is member of the Executive Committee. The technical department consist of around 20 professionals in the capacity of purchasers (5), team fleet leader (2), Vessel managers (12) and support functions (2).

Functie eisen

To be successful, the Technical Director must quickly

  • Understand the business, absorb and organise complex information to help create a sound business vision and a matching appropriate technical strategy;
  • Create and understand financial evaluations, understand costs and cost impact, contracting models and alternatives related to M&R, procurement and newbuilding projects;
  • Impress the technical team and other departments, through quick wins in the areas of efficiency (including IT/ERP solutions) and cost savings;
  • Take responsibility to follow up on decisions and ensure full implementation of actions agreed
  • Determine direction and monitor progress, intervening when necessary;
  • Bring in lessons learned from previous roles, come up with smart solutions to increase uptime of vessels and uptime reliability;
  • Lead the team through a changing business environment, accelerate overall performance, and motivate high quality performance by natural leadership and being a role model;


Proven academic thinking and working level.
For example a master’s degree in naval architecture, mechanical engineering, marine engineering or extensive experience in a similar role.

Experience and knowledge

At least 10 years’ experience in a technical management role in the maritime or offshore industry of which at least 2 years should be in a senior role focussing on efficiency, management and cost reductions.

Experience of managing a team of technical and operational specialist with budget responsibility, in companies dealing with gas or liquid bulk handling, offshore and shipping, would clearly be an advantage.

Personal qualities and professional skills

  • Charismatic, inspirational and energetic and motivates others
  • Strong analytical skills and conceptual thinking
  • Persistence in overcoming difficult challenges
  • Skills in diplomacy and ability to work with the senior management and other stakeholders
  • Manages time and resources effectively
  • Facilitates exchange of ideas and shows empathy
  • Able and willing to properly follow up these ideas
  • Is resilient when confronted with resistance or unforeseen circumstances
  • Makes use of humour to put things into perspective
  • Objective, honest, trustworthy and ethical

Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Travel within the Europe region and sometimes Asia is a given.


The remuneration package is competitive, matches industry standards and will not be a constraint to attract the right candidate.


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