The Hulstkamp Building: A national monument

As most of Rotterdam’s original architecture was destroyed during World War II, the city is characterised by modern buildings and interesting shapes such as the cube houses (‘Kubuswoningen’) and the Markthal. However, not all history was lost… The Hulstkamp Building is one of the few historic buildings in Rotterdam that have survived the years. Today, it serves as a national monument—and as Venturn’s headquarters! Read more to learn about the building’s fascinating history.


The Hulstkamp Building dates back to 1888 and originally served as a margarine and cheese factory. After the bankruptcy of the original owners, the building became the property of Hulstkamp en Zoon & Molijn, a Dutch gin (‘jenever’) distillery, in 1919. It would remain in their possession for several decades, and thus became known as the Hulstkamp Building among locals. During the attack on Rotterdam in World War II, the Noordereiland (literally ‘Northern Island’) was at the frontlines of the fight against the Germans. The Hulstkamp Building was one of the first on the island to be occupied by German soldiers in their attempt to take over the entire city of Rotterdam. While the building suffered heavily in the fight, most of the bullet holes and damage have been repaired over the following decades, restoring the building to its former glory.

The Hulstkamp distillery was acquired by Bols in 1978 and the building was subsequently purchased by real estate magnate Tom Westermeijer. After a major reconstruction, the former factory was transformed into a convention centre and office space. Nowadays, the building is mostly known as a spectacular venue for all kinds of events, including Venturn’s own 15-year-anniversary party of course!

In 2013, Venturn moved from its old location in Breda to the fantastic Hulstkamp Building. It probably isn’t hard to understand why we chose this as our new headquarters! Aside from its history, the building is located in one of the most beautiful spots in Rotterdam: right along the Maas, nearby the famous Erasmus bridge and close to the Port of Rotterdam.

Perhaps the best thing about the Hulstkamp Building? Parking in the area is free, so don’t hesitate to stop by and have a cup of coffee with us at the Venturn office!


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