Turning Data into an Asset | Testimonial

Now that I have completed the data science programme, we are at the beginning of a new chapter on data science at Anthony Veder.


Wouter Boogaart
Digital Development Manager, Anthony Veder

“What I have noticed is that the demands made in the shipping industry are increasing. Customers nowadays request more flexibility, transparency and efficiency. In order to stay on top of our game, we’ll need to further optimize and innovate our daily business. Data science contributes to this need since it allows us to make a much more comprehensive and in-depth analysis that helps us better understand what is happening in our company and how we can improve. Ultimately, we have the ambition to use the data to predict what will happen and to choose the most efficient option based on these analyses. The more predictable we become, the greater the added value we create for our customers.

The first thing I learned from the Venturn Data Science programme is a broader overview of what data science entails and what you can do with it. Secondly, I have developed the skills of programming in R , data analysis and the creation of predictive models. If you have an interest in data science, want to develop the skills yourself and have the ambition to start using it in the maritime industry I can really recommend this course.

Wouter Boogaart VDSMoreover, the training has a good set up starting with a 1 week “boot camp” to make sure all the basics are up to standard. After the boot camp you have two consecutive training days every 3 weeks for a 6 month period. My group consisted of six people which is a number that allows you to discuss topics together and ask questions. In addition, a small group kept the course very personal and fun!

I want to use the knowledge and skills I have gained from the programme for digital innovation within Anthony Veder. In my opinion, shipping companies, and even the complete maritime industry, are lagging behind other industries when it comes to digitalization. Although there’s a positive realisation within the maritime industry that things have to change, only a few people and companies know how to approach this challenge. I believe this development, combined with the knowledge gained from the Venturn Data Science programme, provides exciting opportunities for both Anthony Veder and myself.”

Have we piqued your interest for our Venturn Data Science Programme? Contact us today at datascience@venturn.nl | +31 (0)10 304 20 70 to learn more about the opportunities VDS can offer your business!


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