News from VYP: Young Professionals set new Sailing Challenge Record

Venturn Young Professionals set new Venturn Sailing Challenge Record


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venturn young professional program teambuilding 1On Friday the 19th of September the new group of Venturn Young Professionals started their training program with a teambuilding activity. During this kick-off the 7 young professionals went sailing on the Oosterschelde and were challenged to sail a certain track as fast as possible to set a record. Martijn Bekke describes his experiences of this first day of the program.


venturn young professional program teambuilding 3We were invited at the Lady of Avalon in Wolphaartsdijk. After the coffee and introduction, skipper Patrick informed us about the challenge for the day. It was not only supposed to be a fun day on the water, instead we had set out our own course, sail the boat ourselves and set a record. Any help from Patrick would costs us a time penalty. With only one team member on board with particular sailing experience it looked like an enormous challenge. Fortunately, the young professionals direct showed their skills by calculating the best courses taking into consideration the wind conditions and the direction of the current. Even Patrick was impressed by this strategy.


venturn young professional program teambuilding 4The sailing conditions were extremely difficult as it was foggy most of day with only a little breeze. At some points the sight was only 20 meters. In order to avoid any collisions with other ships, focus and teamwork was required. Because of the light conditions we tried to keep the boat moving by constantly adjusting the sails and the course. We even hoisted the enormous Code Zero. At the end of the day, the wind totally dropped and we had  to go back to the harbour by engine. This was a perfect moment to evaluate the day and give each other feedback on behaviour and performance.


venturn young professional program teambuilding 2Despite the lack of wind it was a successful day on which we challenged our self-awareness and our navigation, leadership and teamwork skills, but most of all we got to know each other a little better. In the end our strategy paid off and we have set a record of 3 hours and 57 minutes. The day ended with a good dinner in Goes. Many thanks to Patrick for the invitation on the Lady of Avalon.


Do you want to beat the record next time? Apply for the young professional program.


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