Year in Review:

At Venturn, we are committed to innovating and renewing the international supply chain. However, there’s nothing wrong with having traditions! Our “Year in Review”, where we look back on our milestones in the previous year, dates back to 2017. With great excitement, we shared the 2020 edition on our LinkedIn. And what a year 2020 was…!

From crisis to cliche

Of course, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic was an unexpected turn of events that led to a rocky start of the year. Like most organisations, we had to take some time to adapt to the new circumstances. Although the phrase “creating a new normal in uncertain times” has become a cliche, it truly was the main theme for the first half of 2020. For Venturn, it led to a re-evaluation of our own organisational resilience and agility. A milestone that isn’t explicitly mentioned in our Year in Review is that, as a result, we truly believe we have re-established a more crisis resistant and robust organisation.

Thinking outside the box

So what is explicitly mentioned in our Year in Review? Despite the challenging circumstances, we are proud we were able to support various clients with a number of assignments this year. Thanks to our team’s commitment and the adaptability of our clients, the “new normal” for us was… business as usual! With the implementation of safety measures and digital tooling, we were able to continue our business consultancy, interim, search, and training activities in “corona-proof” ways.

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What’s in store?

Of course, we would not have been able to fill out another Year in Review (our 5th one so far!) without the continued effort of our team and business partners, and the trust placed in us by our clients. Our heartfelt gratitude therefore goes out to everyone who we have had the pleasure of collaborating with this past year. We look forward to the many new (and hopefully more fun) challenges 2021 will bring. And 2021 will once again be a year for the Venturn history books, because we are celebrating our 20th anniversary! We hope to share more soon, but in the meantime, you can trust we will continue doing what we do best: making organisations perform

What we stand for

People empowerment

We believe people are at the core of innovation. By paying close attention to their needs in time of change, we drive individual and team performance.

Industry expertise

Our team possesses the international network and industry knowledge necessary to develop tailored solutions for any organisation in the supply chain.

Results-oriented approach

With our hands-on consultancy, we focus on implementing organisational change. We guide the client organisation throughout the entire change process to ensure desired results are achieved.

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