VYP evening intervision session with Jocelyn Rebbens

Pizza-session with Jocelyn Rebbens – October 2016


Every first Wednesday of the month, our VYP’s have a ‘Pizza-session’ evening. The name of the evening refers to our dinner on such evenings, although on this occasion we had really good Moroccan food instead of the regular pizza. But what is more important is what the evening is all about: intervision! We always really enjoy the monthly training days, and sometimes there is a need for some further in-depth explanations and follow-up. And even if there is no specific need for it, meeting the group again together with one of the trainers always results in new and fresh insights.

Last Wednesday, October 5, such an intervision session was organised. Jocelyn Rebbens was the trainer of the evening. She first provided us with a recap of the Personal Branding training which was organised three weeks ago. During this time, she gave us the opportunity to ask questions about the training. After the recap, her role as a trainer changed more into a facilitator, since the rest of the evening was centered around helping each other with cases or problems we’re facing in our projects. Three VYP’s offered a personal case or scenario and we all brainstormed, asked questions and gave advice about how to potentially handle the issues. In the end, I think I can speak for us all when I say that it was a truly helpful evening. Most of all it was an inspirational evening which brought us all a lot of new energy!



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