VYP Mindfulness training: zen at work

Mindfulness Training – August 2015

We can often find ourselves in stressful situations at work or in situations in which we find it difficult to stay relaxed. But that won’t do any good for the outcomes of our work and for our own mental well-being. An important question here is: how do we remain relaxed and comfortable while working hard in our daily job? We learned some of the answers to this in a recent Mindfulness training here at Venturn.

On the 3rd of August the Venturn Young Professionals enjoyed a training in Mindfulness. In the training, remaining calm in all kinds of situations was the central theme. We learned how to stay patient, try not to hold preconceptions and to live more in the moment.
This training was provided by Monique Verhulst, who taught us different techniques to practice Mindfulness in our daily work.

Want to know more about the VYP Programme and its curriculum? More information about the programme can be found on our website.

Mindfulness Training


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