VYP Teambuilding Day and company visit

March 2018

VYP Teambuilding Day and company visit

On Friday, March 9th, our VYPers took the Venturn Fiats to the Rotterdam Harbour for a fun maritime-themed treasure hunt! The main objective for the day was to collect as many points as possible by correctly answering questions and fulfilling assignments, all related to places in the port of Rotterdam. Everybody put their best foot forward, but Laura, Sander and Ruben ended up as the grand champions of the treasure hunt. After this challenging morning, the VYPers had some time to relax during a nice lunch at Courzand in Rotterdam. They ended the day with a tour at Den Hartogh Logistics and were welcomed by Irene Plantinga (HR Advisor), where the VYPers also received a case about the difference between a supervisor and a manager. By this case the VYPers could give their vision on this interesting topic. Many thanks to Pieter Smits (Operations Manager) and Den Hartogh for this interesting afternoon!

Our Venturn Young Professionals (VYP) Programme is a unique 18-month training programme for talented starters with a passion for the maritime industry. Aside from teambuilding activities, the training sessions focus on a range of different topics, such as project and process management, leadership skills, and personal development. More information about the programme can be found on our website, or contact us at youngprofessionals@venturn.nl | +31 (0)10 304 20 70!






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