Venturn Young Professional Program: PRINCE2 training day 3

VYP Programme PRINCE2


On Friday the 21st of November the Venturn Young Professionals had their third training day of the PRINCE2 course. Rob Koggel describes his experiences of this day.

If you think you know everything about Project Management in general and about Prince2 in particular after two days of training, you are wrong. During the third day of the PRINCE2 course, Paul Geelen had still enough topics to discuss.

By arguing about preparations you can or cannot make before going on a skiing holiday, we discussed the theme risk; what would you like to organize before you go on holiday, what will be the costs and what are the risks when you do, or do not organize this? For example: Would you choose to make a reservation for your hotel? If you do so, you are sure you have a place to sleep, but what if there is no snow in the area you booked your hotel? Or what if you have to change the date of your trip?

All these questions make the skiing trip a perfect metaphor for a project in business. In a business project you also have to make choices between investing money or dealing with the risk, nothing is certain until it happens

After the lunch we discussed several other themes of project management and we ended with the last process of PRINCE2: Closing a Project. What should be done as soon as you finished a project? How will you ensure that your project results will be used in the day-to-day business?

We ended our three-day course with answering some sample exam questions. The VYP-ers are ready to beat the exam on the 3th of December!


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