Young Professionals Communication Training using LIFO

Improving communications using LIFO – January 2015


On Friday the 16th of January the Venturn Young Professionals (VYP’s) had their first training about effective communication given by Jocelyn Rebbens from ReBBels. Tom Pijl describes his experiences of this day.

Communicating in a pure and compassionated manner is a true skill. Learning how to build bridges to people with different communication styles and behaviour is a valuable ability that will come to good use. In this interactive, interesting course we learned the foundations of effective communication.

Before understanding how to interact with different kind of people one first needs an understanding of one’s own communication style. A specialized assessment called LIFO provided good understanding of our personal styles and strengths. The good thing about LIFO is that it provides the opportunity to discuss strengths and weaknesses in an objective way. It also gives an insight on how to manage behaviour more effectively. The assessment outcomes act as a leitmotif across other communication related topics in the Young Professional Program.

During the training we completed multiple assignments reinforcing the theory told earlier. The way of expressing feedback on a non-judgemental manner for example. It’s extremely easy to mingle personal opinion with facts. Stay to the facts, make judgements S.M.A.R.T. and only then connecting your personal opinion to it does make a lot of difference in the way feedback is received.

To make the course even more interesting an actor came into play to go through situations where communication did not go so well.  It’s not everyday that you get confronted with your own not-so-effective communication issues by a skilled actor. There is no better way of learning than re-experiencing the situation, discussing the outcomes and ending with some positive feedback.

A course providing a surprisingly in-depth view in the effects of our own behaviour on our surroundings.


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